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One Woman’s View of the Elephant

What is highly contagious all over the world and not to be feared as a pandemic?
The answer is “laughter”.
Laugher is contagious. When someone laughs it is really hard not to laugh, though like every other contagion there are always some who are immune.
Laughter is an elixir of youth. It makes us feel young. Laughter anchors us in the present.
I love to laugh and love to say, ”If we can laugh at ourselves we’ll have fun all day long”.

I even created a bumper sticker with that saying.
I have spent a fair amount of time laughing at the antics of many a leading lady in a comedy or sit-com and one day I realized that I was the leading lady in my comedy, sit-com because if
anyone had done, thought or fretted over the things I do in a comedy or sit-com I would have been laughing. What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy living by seeing ourselves as the leading characters in a comedy or sit com.
It is interesting to me that not everyone thinks the same things are funny. I do not laugh at put down jokes or at someone’s expense.
But tickle me physically, emotionally or even spiritually and I will laugh. The people I spend the most time with and enjoy the most are those that I can share laughter with.
ES said “If we really knew we would be laughing.”
And maybe the opposite is also true if we are laughing we might really know.
I don’t know, I am too busy laughing.
Thank you for joining me on my “sometimes amusing musings”

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